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Updated Tax Guide for 2013! (Tax Year 2012) order now!

Audit Proofing Your Church and Its Clergy (formerly "The Simplified Clergy & Church Staff Compensation Guide") has been the pastorís best tax friend for several years. It is the most user-friendly volume of its kind. For many years it was only available through our tax workshops held throughout the Midwest. Now you can purchase this guide on your own or download a free portion of the guide right from this web site. The regular price of $29.95 includes 30 minutes of consultation from one or any combination of our associates. This may be the best $29.95 youíll ever spend.

Audit Proofing Your Church and Its Clergy is a hands-on tax and compensation guide for clergy and non-profit employees.  Section 1 of the guide will simplify little-known, yet complex, tax benefits available to members of the clergy.  It will show how the church should divide the clergy's total compensation into five different areas to reduce tax liability.  Section 2 will give you ten sample church board resolutions to benefit both the clergy and the church/non-profit employer.  Also included in this section are samples of the nine essential IRS Tax Forms with critical notations to help simplify the complex and time consuming filing process.  This is a must-read for clergy, board members and treasurers!

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Clergy & Church Staff Compensation Workshop - Review in the privacy of your church office or home the workshop that has served clergy, church staff and board member audiences for 20 years.  This two hour workshop, complete with workbook, has been attended by over 10,000 participants at costs of up to $129 each.  Here is a package that provides everything you need to know to bring your church up to IRS tax code compliance!

Audit Proofing Your Church & Its Clergy
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Section 1 Only
FREE download now
Full Paid Version
Includes Section 2 with sample Church Board Resolutions and Tax Forms

lergy & Staff Compensation Workshop
includes one copy of Audit Proofing Your Church & Its Clergy!

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