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Did You Know...

  • Financial Stewardship and serves clergy of many denominations, as well as independent ministers? (Click here for Testimonials)

  • having Biblical stewardship means wisely managing all 100% of the assets God brings into your life?

  • our "Audit Proofing Your Church and Its Clergy" is the most user-friendly volume of its kind on the market today?

  • a properly structured compensation package can save the minister hundreds if not thousands of dollars in taxes every year, AND reduce the likelihood of an IRS audit?

  • Financial Stewardship has clergy clients in many of the 50 United States, as well as several foreign countries?

  • Financial Stewardship team members consult with scores of church boards every year?

  • your free or inexpensive tax return may be costing you hundreds of unnecessary tax dollars every year if it is being prepared by someone without clergy tax law expertise?

  • our CPAs and EAs who prepare your tax returns can represent you before the IRS auditor...and you may not even have to be present?

  • many church boards and finance committees consult with Financial Stewardship annually to ensure ongoing IRS compliance, in light of the ever-changing tax code?

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